Get personal with Microsoft?

Online accounts….there is no end in site…in the war for user face time.  I have tried the new and it is definetly an improvement from the old way to hotmail and the desktop based outlook client….which slows your machine down…see below for more.

Get personal with a Microsoft account.

A personalized experience. When you sign into a device using a Microsoft account, the device becomes yours. All your personal settings, photos, files, email, contacts, and services like Facebook are at your fingertips.

The perfect way to play and work. A Microsoft account is your key to free online storage using SkyDrive, thousands of apps in the Windows Store, and easy access to Xbox LIVE.

See more of the cool features of Microsoft account:

Annual Report

Microsoft account and the new Office

A Microsoft account is required to download and install the new Office software, and it also unlocks a slew of great features. Save your Office files online to get to them almost anywhere and share with anyone. You can also get to your themes and settings from anywhere. They travel with you —even across different devices.

Read the new FAQ and watch the video for key info, including:

Why a customer needs to use a Microsoft account with the new Office How to sign in to Office with a Microsoft account How to change the email address for a Microsoft account if an incorrect address was used

In a sea of tablets, why choose Surface RT?

Surface RT is the only tablet with all three of these features: Microsoft Office, standard ports, and the dual-purpose Touch Cover. On the ExpertZone blog, you’ll find answers to common customer questions about Surface RT and suggestions for how to fit this unique tablet to the right customer.

Read an expert’s answers to four key Surface RT questions:

1. Surface RT or Surface Pro? 2. How do I expand my storage options? 3. What apps are supported on Surface RT? 4. Can I get my iTunes on my Surface RT?

Dine out, listen up, and decide if you’re a Viking or a shark

With more than 70,000 apps and games in the Windows Store, it’s hard to keep up with all of them! Check out these great titles:

IE10 is built for touch

Every browser needs to be fast, but the new performance benchmark on today’s tablets is how well the browser works with touch. Watch a new video from the IE10 product team and see how IE10 sets the new standard for touch browsing (and see the cool “magic fingers robot” that they use to test IE10 on tablets).

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