How to Retore an Hp computer to Factory Default Settings



Dear Ms. Jackson,


In closing our chat to diagnose and fix you PC………. I explained the following to you…

results from researching the error code (the last one) says it is a deep seeded virus…. that impacts that program that we had hard time killing (msiexec)…..solution is format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system…..

You might defrag your registry and the restore your system to a time before the problem started .  I might offer some hope, the chances are not likely that will fix the problem (but it could…perhaps).  The best recommendation on all accounts is to restore your system its factory settings.

See the video below for detailed instructions




Locate your factory disk(s).

Backup your files

Follow the Procedure in the video

Any questions or problems call me



Thanks for taking time out~

Ronnie D. Clark Sr.
678-701-5355  -Cell
Do it Right the First Time.


From: Linda Jackson []
Sent: Friday, June 08, 2012 5:39 PM
To: Ronnie D. Clark Sr
Subject: Re: MS Net Framework Readme-9 pages



Had to grab a bite also…attached are 9 pages from MS that’s the mobojumbo mentioned earlier.  It’s the download referred to in the error message response given to you earlier.

Will look for HP-windows XP original disc and call later.  Need more food now!



— On Fri, 6/8/12, Ronnie D. Clark Sr <> wrote:
From: Ronnie D. Clark Sr <>
Subject: RonNetix Technical Support Center
Date: Friday, June 8, 2012, 11:20 AM


Look below for details of how best to use and understand the support service.

Three Good Reasons for Calling the Support Center Help Desk 678-701-5355.

  1. Your computer is moving slowly.
  2. You think you may have a virus or something.
  3. You are unable to log-in to your computer.
  4. Your monitor just went black.

What do you do?

  1. Download RonNetix’s Remote Support Package.
  2. Install the Package.
  3.  Call RonNetix Support Desk @ 678-701-5355.
  • The above number rings into our paging system.  Your message is transcribed to email (so speak clearly) and sent directly to the Help Desk.  Your call is important to us and will handled promptly.  You will be called back ASAP.

Please Note:

  1. You must leave us  a detailed message informing us of….
  2.  The best Contact Number for us to call you on.
  3. When would like to be called?  Please give two Time SLOTS.
  4. Post the details of your problem in the Comment Block below (optional).


What you can expect:

…you will be supported REMOTELY.  We will provide with all the necessary tools you need to get your system setup for REMOTE SUPPORT.  Plan ahead and setup your computer(s) as early as possible.  It never hurts to be prepared for when things go wrong.  So,  Download The Remote Support Software Package now, and setup as many machines as you like FREE of charge.  In the future, when you need support for your computer or network…we are just a “Click” away.

Help Is a “Click Away”

  1. Download – Remote Support Package  Download The Package Now!
  2. Install the setup file to get setup.
  3. Call 678-701-5355 to complete Support Center Registration.



Thanks for taking time out~

Ronnie D. Clark Sr.
678-701-5355  -Cell
Do it Right the First Time.



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